I like things that are soft, violent, sad and warm.
I thought Nikki's statement was disappointing. I'm a feminist and wholeheartedly believe in body positivity but you shouldn't need to shame other body types to feel better about yours. Women should lift one another up and we should celebrate our differences. I think the fuck skinny bitches statement is harmful to the feminist ideals that Nikki claims to uphold, and pits women against each other instead of uniting us against unrealistic body image expectations.



I am disappointed at the lack of a response here..


Take note of all the celebrities more focused on the ice bucket challenge than they are Ferguson.

Take note.

I think it’s interesting that the ice bucket challenge has been a thing since May but now all of a sudden it’s extremely popular. Nice try distracting from what’s important…

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trying to figure out the lyrics in a fall out boy songimage

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I seriously love all of the people in my life so much. Even if you think “nahh Rachel doesn’t know me, we’re just acquaintances” shut the fuck up right now I will find you and hug you so hard you’ll wish we were just acquaintances.